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Dentures and partial dentures in Fort Worth, TX

Dentures are removable false teeth. They can replace several missing teeth, a full arch of teeth, or all of the teeth in your mouth. Unlike dental implants, dentures are designed to fit securely in place with the use of an adhesive. Dentures are a common choice in tooth replacement because they restore the appearance of your smile, allowing you to eat, speak, and laugh with confidence.


What are the major benefits of dentures? 

Dentures are a removable replacement for missing teeth. If you’ve lost all of your teeth, complete dentures can be a great option. Partial dentures can replace several missing teeth.

Dentures can help:

  • Improve chewing
  • Provide support for facial muscles
  • Improve speech
  • Improve appearance
  • Improve self-esteem

Many patients find that they can eat a wider variety of food with dentures. Some patients experience a learning curve with dentures, but practice makes perfect. With a full set of teeth, patients can fully chew their food and use it to its full nutritional value. 

Patients that wear partial dentures find that their smile looks better, which boosts confidence. Patients that wear partial dentures also find it easier to talk and pronounce words. Many patients prefer partial dentures over dental implants because dental implants require surgery that requires healing time.

Explain the process of getting dentures

  • Comprehensive dental evaluation

The dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine the state of your oral health. This involves performing X-rays that reveal the presence and extent of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral diseases. The dentist will also ask you about your lifestyle and any allergies that you may have to address to prevent any complications that may be caused by wearing dentures.

  • 3D scans and fabrication

Once your dentist decides you are a good candidate for dentures, he/she will schedule your next appointment. A 3D scan will be taken of your mouth. This is sent to a dental lab, where the measurements are used to design the custom dentures that perfectly fit you along your gum ridges, giving you a comfortable fit and natural look.

  • Fitting

Once your dentures are ready, your next appointment will be scheduled to receive them. Our dentist will check the dentures and examine them to ensure they fit. Minor adjustments, if needed, are made. 

How to care for your oral health after denture placement?

The dentist will also go over how to properly care for your dentures. Caring for your dentures will help keep them in better condition, last longer, and give better results. Once you get your dentures, you will still need to go through an adjustment period. Your mouth and gums will experience some swelling. This is completely normal. During this adjustment period, you will need to take extra care when it comes to your dentures. You should try to avoid alcohol, as it can make your mouth become irritated. Dentures can stain easily, so you should keep them in water or a denture cleaning solution when you are not wearing them.

Differentiate between dentures and partial dentures 

Dentures are full sets of false teeth that replace all the teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. Partial dentures are dentures that only replace a few teeth.

For a full mouth of teeth to be replaced, dentures are the best option. Dentures are usually made of acrylic resin, porcelain, or a combination. These materials are lightweight, durable, and natural-looking.

Partial dentures are used when there are still some natural teeth remaining. Partial dentures can be made completely out of acrylic resin or porcelain. The partial denture has teeth that fit around the remaining natural teeth.

Since these dentures are not supported by dental implants, the denture base must be relined every 3-5 years. Relining is the process of adding acrylic to the denture base to adjust the fit of the denture.

Who Are The Candidates For Getting Dentures?

Dentures are appropriate if you have lost most or all of your teeth and are looking to restore your smile. Dentures not only give you back the ability to eat the foods you love, but they also help fill out your facial structure, helping your face appear more youthful.

How to clean and maintain dentures?

When cleaning dentures, it’s important to clean them daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush, a special denture cleaner, and denture-safe toothpaste. It’s also important to remove your dentures each night to give your gums a rest.

Soaking dentures in a cleaning solution overnight can help to remove stubborn plaque and food debris. Some denture wearers prefer to soak their dentures in a denture cleanser and water overnight. Others prefer to soak their dentures in a specialized product overnight.


Restore your lost teeth with dentures

Looking for an option to replace your missing teeth? Dentures are a great option for patients of all ages. They are affordable, comfortable, and very easy to care for. To restore your smile with dentures, call us at (817)-924-0506 or schedule an online consultation. You can also visit us at 2800 S Hulen St Ste 205, Fort Worth, TX 76109.

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