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Invisalign in Fort Worth, TX

Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually shift your teeth into the correct position. Invisalign aligners are made from a BPA-free thermoplastic material. Each aligner in the series is worn for about two weeks before moving on to the next aligner. The entire process is mapped out by your dentist, so you know exactly how your treatment will progress. These aligners are removable, allowing you to eat, drink, brush, and floss as normal. You do not have to change your normal routine with Invisalign. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks at a time, gradually moving your teeth. The length of treatment depends on the severity of misalignment.

Explain the Invisalign treatment process?

Invisalign treatment begins with an initial consultation to discuss the patient’s goals, examine their smile, and develop a customized treatment plan. The first appointment is also when we will take impressions and images of the patient’s teeth.

The impressions and images of the patient’s teeth are sent to an Invisalign lab, where they will create custom aligners. Once the aligners are made, we will invite the patient back to the office to receive their aligners.

Each aligner should be worn for at least 22 hours a day. The aligners are removable, so the patient can take them out to eat, brush, and floss. Once the patient completes their treatment, they will need to wear a retainer to maintain their newly straightened smile.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

Many patients prefer Invisalign because of its three main benefits:

There are no food restrictions: If you wear traditional braces, it’s essential to avoid certain foods like hard and sticky ones. With Invisalign, however, you can eat and drink whatever you want, including apples, corn on the cob, caramel, or nuts.

You can remove the aligners when necessary: Invisalign aligners are removable, so you can eat and drink what you want during treatment, plus brushing and flossing are less of a hassle. Besides, since the aligners are removable, you can take them out for special events, taking pictures, and meetings.

They are aesthetically pleasing: Since the aligners are made from transparent dental-grade plastic material, it is easier to maintain a beautiful smile as the aligners are virtually invisible.

Invisalign aligners are comfortable: Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than braces. You won’t have metal brackets or wires to irritate your mouth. Plus, the aligners are made of a smooth plastic that won’t irritate the inside of your mouth either.

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